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About Us

Palm Beach Villas belongs to a new generation of real estate developers whose objective is to build quality homes in the fastest growing sectors of India. Today, the company is continuously expanding its geographical base in Mandvi, Kutch. according to Gujarat Government’s Tourism Policy Mandvi Beach has been Developed More and more in Kutch1-22

Palm Beach Villas is proud of the goodwill created amongst its investors in a very short span of time. Our investors’ faith in us keeps us going to grow further ensuring that we continue to give them higher returns from This project.

Palm Beach Villas  boasts the first well planned Beach Villas with modern amenities in the heart of Mandvi city. With an overwhelming response from the first project, the company has already planned a series of similar investor friendly projects in and around the city. With an expected population growth of more than 500,000 people in the region within the next two years, Mandvi will have a continuous demand of such housing projects. At Palm Beach Villas, we understand that there is immense potential in the region and our goal remains to cater to the needs of our investors to tap that market and gain the most value for their money.